CEO Message

Welcome to visit our SM Switch web-site!

Thanks for your close attentions and support.
Our company was founded in 1995 and grown continuously as a specialized
Electronic & Telecom components supplier by the long term partnership with
Korean major companies and global leading companies.

In order to be competitive, we have had substantial investments in R&D and are trying to enter
the global market with the high technology and quality.

Through these competiveness, recently we are diversifying our business to be a world-class switch
manufacturing company.

After establishment of company, we realized that the reason for our sustainable growth was a
human resources. Under the philosophy of "The best asset is employees.",
we will continue to strengthen our HR management and development.

We will always put your interest and satisfaction first and strive to offer the best quality
and the lowest price. SM Switch is looking forward to be a trustworthy and responsible
partner whose concern is delivering what is beyond a product.

We appreciate you for having a deal with us in advance.

Best regards,
Young-Dae Wang
Young-Dae Wang